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“A pleasure dealing with Inside Out Landscaping, from the first conversation. They understood what I wanted and then the team delivered a neat courtyard: no more crumbly aged pavers – smart new ones; and the front path was fixed up. To me it was a very pleasant process with excellent results.

I’ll be back in touch next year when  as I am now thinking of the rest of the back paving being replaced.”

Joan, Blaxland

Thank you for the work you did in improving my garden paths. Your work has made such a difference.

The people on site doing the work were very polite and respectful.

Carol, Castlereagh

“Inside Out Landscaping are an amazing business. They are lovely to deal with. Can’t recommend them enough!”

Danielle, The Hills

“It was a pleasure working with them. Very helpful and for someone like me who’s always so worried they put up with my nagging and always put me at ease.

It was really a joy working with them”

Jamie, The Hills

“Superb customer service! Answered any questions we had straight away. New lawn looks fantastic! Highly recommended! Thank You!

Joe & Rosemary, Erskine Park

How Can We Help You Design/Create Your Dream Garden

Let’s start with you getting in touch neighbour and tell us what you would like done. What your dream garden looks like, what kind of space and feeling you would like to create and spend time in. We will then decide on a time that suits you for us to drop by and see the site and we can take it from there.

  • Get in touch
  • We’ll pass by for a site visit
  • We’ll send you through our quote

Let’s Get Down & Grounded

We offer all your landscaping & gardening needs on our side of the turf. Need some mowing done, or want to put up that retaining wall that you have been putting off for far too long or maybe you just want to freshen up your garden with some new plants and a fresh lay of turf. We can help with that. Let’s create or renew your garden.

Planting/Replanting & Gardening Advice

Got a plant/tree you love but don’t exactly love where its planted, not a worry we can help with that. Or maybe you just want to plant new things to freshen up your garden. We have you covered.

Lawn Maintenance & Care

Your grass not looking as good lately; no worries we got you covered. be it artificial or natural, we lay it all out for you & your loved ones to enjoy.

Landscape/Garden Design

Want to vamp up you garden space or maybe redesign the whole area, look no further, we’ve got your tree.

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May 28, 2021

Sustainable Gardening 

With all the plastic we use, the oceans we pollute, and the trees we cut down, it is apparent that we often overlook the fact that the Earth is our one and only home. It also manifests in how worse our environmental problems have gotten through the years. There’s no denying that all of us play a role in this, so the question is: what are the things that you do to help our living planet?

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Let’s Get Gardening