Summer Gardening Tips

Feeling January’s summer heat yet? We’re pretty certain that it’s the same for your plants too. After all, the sun in an Australian summer can be pretty hard to ignore. While you can make yourself comfortable by staying in an air-conditioned room while sipping an ice-cold drink, your plants, unfortunately, don’t have the means to do the same. Therefore, if you don’t take good care of them, they might not make it to the end of the season.

Surely, no plant owner would want that, but if you’re a beginner at gardening, then let us help you! On our first blog for the new decade, we’ll be telling you about Summer Gardening Tips.

  • Water, water, water

Unlike us, the plants won’t appreciate air conditioning on a hot, summer day. What better way to keep them cool by ensuring that they’re well-hydrated?

However blazing it may be, though, it is worth noting that this isn’t enough reason for you to water them on an hourly basis. The best time for you to do the watering is early in the day while it’s still relatively temperate. Do it in the afternoon, and it’s the dry soil that will soak up all the water. Do it in the evening, and you’ll have your plants run the risk of developing fungi and mildew. Furthermore, if possible, try to add soluble fertiliser as you water to give your plant the nutrients that it needs.

We understand that manual watering takes up a lot of time and effort, so if your schedule is tight, reach out to us and have us install an automated irrigation system!

  • Shoo, pests, shoo!

Any long-time garden owner would know that pests and bugs hit most during warmer seasons, so there’s no wonder why there are bites in the leaves of plants during summer. These pesky, unwanted visitors will surely ruin your summer fun should you give them the chance. To get rid of them, you’d first have to identify what they are—slugs, snails, mites, caterpillars, ants, or whatnot. Next, you can either make a DIY pesticide or grab one from the store. But to spare you from either hassle, do know that Inside Out Landscaping also offers excellent lawn care, and among the services included is pest control. Do you want a pest-free garden and a stress-free summer? All you have to do is call!

  • Weed-on’t want weeds!

Now that you’ve got the pests taken care of, it’s time to deal with the weeds that are growing more and more prominent by the day. Just like pests, you can expect these equally bothersome beings to multiply as soon as the soil becomes warm. Set a definite schedule for weeding—some time in the later afternoon when it’s cooler—instead of feeling overwhelmed when you choose to do it all at once. No time to do it on your own? By now, you most definitely know the drill. 😉

  • Aid with shade

No one wants to stand under the burning sun, and that includes plants! Some species, especially newly-planted ones, can be quite sensitive to too much sunlight. The scorchingly hot temperature matched with direct exposure can ultimately cause them to wither, so try to find a way to make some shade. You can purchase necessary materials like shade cloth from your local garden supplies store or opt for naturally-occurring alternatives, like dead palm fronds.

  • Never too soon to prune!

Pruning does more than maintaining (and enhancing) a garden’s overall physical appearance. Aside from that, it comes with several other benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  • Gets rid of wilted parts that may otherwise serve as an entrance for unwanted pests and diseases.
  • Studies have proven that pruning boosts growth in plants.
  • Irregular traits can be corrected through pruning.
  • Low branches in trees may pose a danger to by-passers.

Similar to weeding, this is best done on a regular basis as dead or damaged parts/plants take up space and nutrients from healthy ones. In spite of the previously-mentioned advantages, though, improper or excessive pruning might also result in the death of a plant, so extensive research is a must before you do so.

…Or better yet, call someone who’s already adept in the job instead. For professional and exemplary all-around garden work, contact us at 1300 916 767 and get a free quote!