Signs That You Need A Garden Renovation

Why should you give us a call, you ask? For starters, we deliver nothing but exceptional results! Just ask our previous clients and allow them to do the sales talking for us. What can you expect? With the years of experience behind us, we’re literally your Fairy GARDEN-Mother who’ll listen to you rant about your landscaping and gardening woes and eventually make your dream lawn a reality!

But that’s not what we’re here for today! Really, word of mouth will be enough to convince you. Well, then, read on to understand what we mean by signs that you need a garden renovation!

  • Gloomy front yard

Have you gotten tired of seeing your front yard every single time you come home? Have you just moved into your new property and want to give it a magical touch of green? Then it seems like the perfect time for you to get some landscaping done! If you’re not on the creative side and haven’t envisioned any designs yet, that’s not a problem! Allow our seasoned designers and landscapers to lead the way, and together, we’ll coordinate to make your lawn the best one on the block. If you’re also looking to move someday and sell your property, a stunning lawn would surely increase curb appeal and help you gain a lot of prospective buyers.

  • Unkempt lawn

Okay, if you’ve done the first step which is getting your lawn landscaped, that’s great! Unfortunately, the work doesn’t end there. A great-looking lawn comes with equally great responsibility. Depending on the design and the types of plants and grass that you chose to go with, it can either be low or high maintenance. Whether you’ve got a lot on your plate or simply just aren’t up for the job, don’t worry, because we can take care of it for you! From mowing your grass and trimming your hedges, to nourishing your plants with fertilizers and protecting them from pests and weeds, you can count on us to do a terrific job at keeping your lawn in tiptop condition. As if that’s not enough, we also offer various lawn care approaches depending on the season.

  • Overwhelmed by diversity

Since you’re on our site, you’re likely someone with an eye for plants and a love for gardening—just like us! As gardening enthusiasts, we know that a typical problem that most people encounter is wanting to greenify their garden but not knowing what greenery to fill it with, which is yet another distressing situation that we can help you with! Here at Inside Out Landscaping, not only do we have an extensive selection of plants but we also come with professionals who can select the best ones to complement your property.

  • Too much shadow, too little light!

Aside from the fact that they’re major contributors to the production of oxygen, another good thing about trees is that they provide shade, keeping us cool and safe from the sun’s harmful rays. A little shade never hurt anybody, but if you feel like your house is basically overcast with the shadows of a tall, looming tree, then maybe you should do something about it. Cutting it down seems like a quick and easy option, but it’s not something that everybody would want to take, especially if there’s sentimental value attached to the tree. If this is something that you could relate to, then we’ve got good news for you! Apart from the typical services that any other landscaping company provides, we also take on tree relocation jobs.

  • High maintenance? Sign me out!

Everybody has their own preference, and even as a landscaping company, we understand that not everyone wants to adorn their lawns with flora. A common reason for this is because some think that grass and plants are high-maintenance, and honestly? It’s not entirely untrue. It does take a lot of time, effort, and dedication to keep a garden looking freshly landscaped. With that in mind, we thought of a way to cater to non-flora fans, too: paving! Want a yard that’s low-to-no maintenance? This should do the trick. In addition to that, our builders also take pride in creating retaining walls and other structures that would further beautify your property.

Find yourself stuck in any of these frustrating situations? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 916 767.