Gardening on a Budget

Admit it—we’ve all experienced being on a tight budget at least once in our lives. This is especially relevant as the global COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in unemployment in the country. Depending on your exact financial status at that time, you’ve probably even had to make use of the survival instincts that your ancestors have bestowed upon you. Hopefully, everyone’s doing better little-by-little now that we’ve entered the post-pandemic stage, but for gardeners who might still be struggling to make ends meet, we’ve got you! For February’s blog post, we’ll be telling you about how to show your plants some love even when GARDENING ON A BUDGET!

TIP #1: Teamwork makes the dream work!

Saving money means cutting some unnecessary expenses to fit your budget. Thus, in the context of gardening, you really must compromise and do some work manually. We get that it might be exhausting—dreadful, even, for some—but think of it this way: you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on machinery when you choose to turn gardening into a fun family activity! If the amount of labour intimidates you, remember that there’ll be less work once everything is divided evenly among each member.

Less money spent and more quality time with the family? Indeed, teamwork makes the dream work! And in this case, teamwork also makes for a neater, well-maintained garden.

TIP #2: Start small, save big!

It’s common knowledge that seeds are the cheaper option when planting compared to cuttings and transplants. Though it may be difficult to nurture and grow your own plants from seed, it comes with a lot of advantages too. As follows are some:

  • To say that there’s a wide variety of seed packets in the market would be an understatement.
  • Instead of buying seeds, you can even get them from your favourite fruits—totally free of charge.
  • There’s nothing like reaping the fruits of your own labour, literally and figuratively.
  • Transplants are very costly, so buying one will be equal to a lot of seed packets.

Without a doubt, by starting small with seeds, you’ll save big money.

TIP #3: Try to DIY!

One of the best ways to lessen your expenses is to make DIYs instead of spending money on commercial products. This holds true for seed starting equipment, so unleash your creativity in the name of being thrifty! Like, for seed starting trays, you can opt for various materials, such as toilet paper cartons, eggshells, and even yogurt containers. While these come with their pros and cons, the differences are not that significant anyway so you can just grab whatever is available.

Don’t think you’ve got what it takes? Living in the digital era comes with immeasurable benefits. Among these is the fact that you can effortlessly learn anything online with a few swipes and clicks. Just go on YouTube, and you’ll see step-by-step instructions for your convenience. Allow them to fully convince you to try to DIY!

TIP #4: Rain, rain, come to stay!

A difference between a gardener and a non-gardener is their water bill. Most likely, the former has to pay a bigger amount since they’ve got plants to irrigate. This is a common problem among gardeners, but lucky for you, we’ve got an answer: rainwater harvesting! Take advantage of the upcoming wet season—store some rainwater and use them to water your plants on sunny days!

Aside from cutting down a few hundred bucks, this is a greener alternative that promotes environmental awareness. At the end of the day, you’ll be left chanting “rain, rain, come to stay!

TIP #5: Go organic!

Notably, if you’re growing veggies in your garden, you should be mindful of the type of fertiliser you use.

Free your mind from worry by choosing to go organic! Plants typically need potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen for survival. Why buy chemical fertilisers when you can find these minerals in typical food products anyway? Banana peelings are rich in both potassium and phosphorus, while fish scraps are big on nitrogen. Think twice before mindlessly throwing them away next time!

Cost-effective, eco-friendly, and readily available? There’s no good reason as to why you shouldn’t go organic.

But of course, if you might not be able to do all these due to time constraints or other personal reasons, here’s a friendly reminder that Inside Out Landscaping also offer services that cater to any budget. For any inquiries, dial 1300 916 767 and receive a complimentary quote.