We offer a range of services that can help you around your garden. Let’s create it, maintain it and enjoy it.

Landscape Design

Don’t have a clear grasp on what you want your outdoor garden/ landscape to look like, well that’s very understandable. We see so many different designs and looks of what our garden/landscape can look like and its confusing, so let one of the many designers we work with help you and let’s design it together. Our designer can take a little from here & a little from there & bring your garden out from your thoughts into tangible reality.

Lawn Care

We take it from mowing your grass to seeding your lawn & applying fertilizers and pest controls when/where we see needed. We can also roll out a fresh carpet of turf or artificial grass whatever you feel ensures that your green space looks beautiful & fitting. And don’t worry we’ll make sure to be careful with our edging around your garden beds.


With the market being so diverse; being able to quite figure out what plant/tree/shrub or even turf to go with can get confusing. Depending on the type of style you want your garden to follow through on we can narrow it down for you. Want to go native or maybe be a little exotic. Could even be a decision on whether to go with evergreen or deciduous, either way we can help you with your picks.


That beautiful tree/plant outgrown the area it’s in & not sure where to go from there or maybe its covering over your house and you would like a little more sunshine to peek in. You could also not be very sure if your soil is healthy enough to cope with your plants/trees. No matter the size of the tree you would want moved/relocated or removed we can help you make the right choice that best suits your budget.

Fall/Spring Clean Up

Not sure what your garden once looked like; well it might be time for that clean up that you have been putting off for too long. Be it spring or fall that is around the corner welcome every season with the joy that comes along with it. With every season having a purpose, do the same with your garden, let it conform with the environment changing around it & still bring you joy & peace.

Retaining Wall / Paving

Let’s be honest some of us are just not grass people & that’s fine too. So let us not stress over it & get some pavers laid out. You might also want to create a certain space in your garden where you have hard flooring under you but still want to feel connected with the area around you. Or you could need that retaining wall that’s just necessary but it could also be a design feature. One of the many builders we work with can definitely help with that.

Trimming & Pruning

Pruning/trimming is an important step in keeping your plants healthy & vibrant. It’s also important to get done when your plants/trees are along a pathway or area that you pass regularly. You don’t want to get hurt from any branch that is extended a little too far out. This task also allows from more sunlight to get in in-between your branches so your plant/tree can flourish.

Weed & Moss Control

When your lawn is not well taken care & is lacking proper nutrients & watering it creates an environment that is very inviting for weeds & moss to grow & over take your lawn. Both weed & moss are opportunistic plants they basically take advantage of weaker soil areas and flourish in places that grass cannot grow, which in turn grow & grow till they start over taking your grass & integrate in.

Let’s Get Gardening