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Gardening on a budget 

Admit it—we’ve all experienced being on a tight budget at least once in our lives. This is especially relevant as the global COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in unemployment in the country. Depending on your exact financial status at that time, you’ve probably even had to make use of the survival instincts that your ancestors have bestowed upon you. Hopefully, everyone’s doing better little-by-little now that we’ve entered the post-pandemic stage, but for gardeners who might still be struggling to make ends meet, we’ve got you! For February’s blog post, we’ll be telling you about how to show your plants some love even when GARDENING ON A BUDGET!

February 11, 2021

Summer Gardening Tips 

Feeling January’s summer heat yet? We’re pretty certain that it’s the same for your plants too. After all, the sun in an Australian summer can be pretty hard to ignore. While you can make yourself comfortable by staying in an air-conditioned room while sipping an ice-cold drink, your plants, unfortunately, don’t have the means to […]

January 17, 2021

Gardener planting in a pot

Summer Blooms: Plants That Love The Sunshine 

December doesn’t always mean thick layers of clothing in freezing temperatures. Not to us, Australians, anyway. While most countries have been preparing for the cold, snowy month, we here are already about to enter the hottest season of the year—summer. With that said, the weather within the country is warm. Warm enough for beautiful Summer […]

December 29, 2020